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Mandatory Rails Girls Team Bundle | Diver


Lincoln Girls Team Bundle for DIVERS ONLY includes:
- Team suit
- Team t-shirt

This team bundle does not include the two silicone team caps and travel food costs (because divers do not have to attend Ottumwa). If a diver would like the team swim caps, please order swimmer bundle instead. Once apparel is ordered, there are no refunds.

This year team suit will be black with maroon and gold printing. There are two style options for the back - standard thin strap suits (images 1 & 2) and cutout back suits (images 3 & 4).

Pick your back style and size from the menu below.

Team Suit Sizing
View the sizing chart.
Sizing Tips
- Pull the suit straps up to towards the ear lobes. If they reach the ears, the suit is too big. If they don't stretch at all, the suit is too tight. Straps should stretch about halfway to the ear lobes.
- Consider sizing down from your standard practice suit size.
- Thin-strap suits will stretch slightly more than thick-strap suits. Cutout back suits tend to stretch more than thin-strap suits.

If you are still unsure of your team size, you'll need to try on a suit at the Parent Meeting on July 17th. Plan to arrive early.

Team suits make great practice suits following the season.

Team t-shirts are part of this bundle. To ensure the right size is ordered, please complete this t-shirt size form. Otherwise, we will use the shirt size on file in the team records. Image 5 shows the team T-shirt design.

Team shirts are worn for team pictures and at the Chicken Bowl (a LHS fundraiser that introduces fall sport athletes to the community).

Optional Apparel
- Crew Sweatshirt
- Hoodie Sweatshirt
- Two-Color Hoodie
- Capris
- Sweatpants
- Warm-up (Jacket & Pants)
- Speedo Vanquisher Goggles + Bungee
- 50th Anniversary T-shirt
- Fan T-Shirt